The Underwood Group International


... A Global Consultancy, Liaison & Development Group ...

Indeed there are many consultancy and development groups with remarkable skill set. It's almost a moot point to discern what warrants the line of demarcation amongst so many qualified groups. 

TUGi is a firm that has a honed ability to know people before project, vision before performance and completion with an essence of evolution yet to be had, as every goal and dream, we believe, is a step towards what it can be further when that time arrives. 

As quoted in the recent film, The Social Network… Fashion is never finished…

Whatever you are creating we can make it bigger in the manner of your liking… We can assist, guide, direct, connect and enhance or re-work your project but will never define your boundaries as that is directly counter to the word and works of creating.

Our global crowd, that is our everyday mix, comprises like-compatible individuals who've been sorted and have come together through remarkable associations, introductions and "coincidences" (which for our math and science "definees" means "two" pieces that fit perfectly together.)

Our team is composed of individuals with years of exemplary success across all sectors and markets of real estate and business development... as well as being personally successful in their own right -  a powerful collaborative offering of over 100 years of experience.

Our goal is to be the best in our class of boutique sized firms -- Bar None --

Welcome to our site and we look forward to meeting you.

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