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Artist's Corner

... A Story That Can't Be Told Enough ...

                                                                      ~ by April Underwood

THIS ARTIST'S CORNER is a section dedicated to the Universal Knowledge that your heart's desires are possible. ~ They are the Cargo Seeds you came into this world with.

Perhaps it's not commonplace or possibly sane to add a psychology page (or lack of a better description) to the sorts of a professional company's web presence, but we believe the occasional "mind tap" or "shoulder tap" that great seeds of creativity lye dormant in all of us til that moment in time they are called to reality is perhaps  not - such a - bad - idea!

... It's A Story That Can't Be Told Enough ...

Above is a picture that stamps a moment in history; here-in are four people who followed their heart's assignments; birthed by their Cargo Seeds.

From left to right: Taken at my parent's apartment in Memphis, Tennessee 1957.

Dewey Phillips, Elvis Presley, Bonnie & Charles Underwood

"So Who Were They On Their Way To Becoming????"

Dewey was destined to become a legendary D.J. bridging black & white audiences with their music... the first to put an Elvis record on the air (That's Alright Mama)... & on a more intimate note; the Best Man & Financier to my parent's wedding.

Elvis was destined to become well ..... "Elvis the Legend"..... a Voice no other will ever match, & "A God-Inspired Man of Great Faith" ; often this part people forget about...

And my parents well..... They made everyday their "Play-Day" to birth their dreams:

....... From humble Tennessee beginnings with my dad at the forefront of Sun Records as Artist's & Repertoire Director, writing hit songs like "Bonnie B" (about my mom) for Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as many more songs for Elvis & Charlie Rich, & befriending & working with the likes of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and so many more... to my mom's childhood belief she could CLEARLY see the "HOLLYWOOD SIGN" in the flat-lands of Tennessee --- cut to --- my parents packing all their dreams in a car with no starter & playing poker to finance their way across the U.S. to California to (unbeknownst to them at that time) build a recording studio called "NASHVILLE WEST" at the site of the legendary Decca Records (where Bing Crosby formerly recorded White Christmas), right next door to the legendary Paramount Studio's Entrance ~ all to unleash those dreams........... Phewwwwwwww

... so for sake of Example ...

Buy a house
learn to fly
Get married
Love hard
build a clothing line
Write a book
Live in the Amazon
Make an album
Save animals
And listen to your heart

But if we can help you in any way possible............... please let us know.

In the end:

... "There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated thru you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist thru any other medium and will be lost."

~ Martha Graham, dancer and choreographer 1894-1991 & the First woman to ever perform at The White House.

  ... In Closing ...

God created everyone of us to be successful.
And in this plan, there are moments of
"favor" that will cross your path.
  It's up to you to recognize these moments.
'They are not ordinary' ~ they are destiny- altering moments;
placed to quantum leap you ahead ~
by years.......

" ...There are no accidents & everything is a Coincide-nce ... "


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